Hi there,

I recently started writing orchestral
music after taking a beginners course in
music theory, so am pretty much new to the world
of samplers and DAWs.

To get myself familiar with the process
I have been trying to emulate some of my favourite
scores, The string section on a couple of
them are driving me insane, I as wondering if someone can take a
listen to it and help me with

- Trascribing it : From what I can make out so far, the players seem to
be using a lot of legato/portamento on both, but I am struggling to
narrow down the size of the string section and if they are playing in
unison/octaves or some sort of harmony like 3rds

- Recommending a string library
with the right legato/portamento articulations , so far
I have tried LA Scoring Strings 2 and Spitfire Audio's Sable strings



- Jake