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Topic: registering GPO/Kontakt problem

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    registering GPO/Kontakt problem

    Has anyone had trouble registering GPO/Kontakt using the registration tool. I get sent to a Native Instruments page where, once I get half of the information typed in, the page cancels and I am left unregistered.

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    Re: registering GPO/Kontakt problem

    I didn\'t have any problem, but I also registered from a PC other than the one my GPO was installed on. Try doing it as if you were registering on a different machine. It will generate a txt or html file that you can use that already has all of your info in it, this might bypass the page that\'s hanging and then they e-mail you the authorization code...

    Try going that route and let us know if you still are having problems.

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    Re: registering GPO/Kontakt problem

    Thanks Alan - that did the trick.

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    Re: registering GPO/Kontakt problem

    Very cool - enjoy GPO!

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