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Topic: Demo- GPO Studio W/Sibelius. My first!

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    Demo- GPO Studio W/Sibelius. My first!

    Mozart wrote his Serenade No. 10 \"Gran Partita\" specifically for woodwind ensemble as occasional music. (to be played at social events) This is the 7th and final movement.

    Anyway, this is my first attempt. I used only Sibelius and GPO studio. No sequencer.

    Here you go!

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    Re: Demo- GPO Studio W/Sibelius. My first!

    Hello Andy,

    I appreciate hearing what can be done with notation programs. I\'ve been doing all my work in Finale.

    Since you didn\'t use a sequencer, did you have to create custom dynamic markings to achieve a balance of the parts?

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    Re: Demo- GPO Studio W/Sibelius. My first!

    Hey Adam,

    Yeah, I used a combination of mod wheel text and level control of each instrument in GPO Studio to get some degree of balance. When I first opened it up the balance was not good, and of course you can\'t change the volume control of the Studio instrument on the fly, so you have to do it with mod control.

    I\'ve noticed that certain types or combinations of instruments exhibit a greater degree of realism than others. In this particular piece, I feel the sections where fewer instruments are playing tend to be more realistic compared to the full ensemble.

    If I get a chance, I\'ll experiment a little more with control text, and maybe dump it into Cubasis so I can learn how to use that. I\'ll let you know when I post a revised version so you can compare.


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