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Topic: playback problems with Sib 3.11 and GPO

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    playback problems with Sib 3.11 and GPO

    I\'ve just received the GPO/Kontakt/Overture SE bundle - enjoying it immensely; however, I\'m having a problem playing back quick staccato triplets from a string quartet score in Sibelius using some of the solo string patches [rhythmic anomalies and notes dropping out - ditto with trills]. I\'ve fiddled with the buffer size in the GPO Studio and matched them in my soundcard, but no luck. Removing the staccato helps a bit. Are there any workarounds? Would Overture handle this better? I\'m running XP, 2.4 GHz P4, 1 Gig RAM, AudioPhile 2496.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: playback problems with Sib 3.11 and GPO

    OK, I figured it out - had the wrong driver for my sound card selected in settings.

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