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Topic: Piano Size

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    Piano Size

    After much deliberation I am seriously considering buying the GPO.

    However I am concerned that I may not be able to run the piano (one of my prime reasons for buying).

    My laptop is a P3 with 512k RAM. Does anyone have a similar setup that has successfully run the piano?

    Also is there a \'lite\' version of the GPO that doesn\'t come with Cubasis etc.?

    Many thanks, all advice gratefully received.

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    Re: Piano Size

    I don\'t use a laptop for GPO, but I see no reason why you wouldn\'t be able to load the Piano in half a gig. You wouldn\'t be able to load a BUNCH more stuff along with the piano, but . . . There\'s also lite versions of the piano available.

    Also, you\'re under no restrictions relative to Cubasis or Overture or any of the other extras that come with GPO. You run them when you want \'em, but they\'re not required to run GPO.

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    Re: Piano Size

    In fact, they are installed separately and if you have a crowded HD and you\'re not gonna use them you can just choose not to install them

    About the piano, i don\'t know if in 512mb the full version it\'s gonna load (it\'s 250 mb aprox) but the lite version surely will (around 165mb)

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    Re: Piano Size

    My machine at work has 512 megs under Windows 2000, and I can just barely load the lite piano with nothing else running. I get a memory warning, but it does work fine. I load it in GPO Studio first, and then open Overture or Sonar.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Piano Size

    I have Win98SE and Sonar 2.2 and 512MB RAM, CPU Athlon 1.33GHz.
    While loading the full piano I get a low memory warning, but I just click \"proceed anyway\" and it loads up and works.
    And my machine is not dedicated to just GPO, it\'s my only comp which I use for accessing Internet, watching TV and capturing video, so all the drivers and apps take quite a bit of RAM too...
    IMHO Windows are just a bit touchy when it comes to free memory space. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    No \"lite\" version of GPO, the current GPO is cheap enough, don\'t you think? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    Besides, you don\'t *have* to install Cubasis or Overture if you don\'t want to; if that\'s what you are concerned about.

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    Re: Piano Size

    I\'m very tempted by GPO, especially with the current exchange rate.

    I\'d be gutted if I had to fork out for a sepearate piano though.

    Maybe it\'s time to upgrade my hardware.

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    Re: Piano Size

    You may be able to add more ram to your laptop, though it depends on your model whether it will support more than 512 MB. I\'d check out www.crucial.com, and you\'ll be able to see if your laptop will allow more than 512, and also the selection of your exact machine ensures that you would be getting the correct ram type for your laptop. Convenient and very high quality ram.

    The Lite Piano patch should load with 512 MB. You may get a \"you are running low on memory\" sort of warning, but in my experience that message hasn\'t indicated problems. The problems seem to arise when you get the \"you are out of free memory\" warning [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Piano Size

    Originally posted by Jeff Hurchalla:
    You may get a \"you are running low on memory\" sort of warning, but in my experience that message hasn\'t indicated problems...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I get the BSOD with both those messages Jeff, on Win XP w/ 768MB of RDRAM RAMBUS PC1066...

    I will be adding more RAM asap...

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    Re: Piano Size

    On my previous PC with GPO installed and running SONAR under XP I could not load the full piano in to the 512megs I was restricted with. I was able to load it after changing swap file settings, but it was very close. I don\'t see 512megs as being very practical anymore for serious music composition.

    We\'re not in Gigastudio territory anymore (it was a lot leaner on ram usage!) and probably won\'t be....

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