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Topic: placing instruments on soundstage

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    Re: placing instruments on soundstage


    No need to route them to GPO for placement. If you configure your sequencer’s mixer section to use reverb/soundstaging in a standard aux send-return arrangement everything (GPO, other synths, audio tracks, etc.) can be sent to the same aux bus in whatever amount you need.

    GPO comes with the Ambience reverb plugin which already has a variety of custom-designed room choices like ballrooms, Jazz clubs, recital halls, concert halls, and cathedral – 13 basic choices in all – and each one can be modified to suit your needs. You can even create new ones if you like.

    Panning movement is possible by automating cc10 data (if activated in the Options menu of GPO). Of course, panning can also be automated for audio tracks.


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    placing instruments on soundstage

    I just ordered GPO (Hi Gary. I sent you an email)... & have a question. The nice thing with Giga 3 will be that its gigapulse allows to place tracks somewhere in a room. As far as I understand GPO allows one to place the different \"players\" on its own soundstage... right? How about making it possible to route audio tracks into GPO to place \"them\" there also. How about different \"hall\"/\"rooms\" to allow for different \"feelings\" (a little room for Jazz-style etc.)... I would wish to place the different audio-vocal-tracks on different places. Maybe movement could be made possible also... a singer moving on the stage... or a solo flutist standing in front of a mic and moving with the music (thereby the position from flute to mic is changed & thereby the sound also)...
    Hope my English is good enough to be understood... just a few ideas. Don\'T know if this is possible or wanted by anyone else...

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