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Topic: GPO - MIDI Controller - Advice requested

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    GPO - MIDI Controller - Advice requested

    Hello Everyone,
    I\'m just getting started in the wonderful world of software samplers and so far, it\'s been an enjoyable ride. I am finally able to easily make quality piano recordings using GigaStudio and the PMI Bosendorfer library.

    Based on many of your posts, I recently purchased GPO. I have a Yamaha P-90 as a MIDI controller. Being the MIDI novice that I am, I imagined that it would be possible to acquire a external Modulation Wheel, as the P-90 lacks it. Unfortunately I did not do my homework, as there seems to be no such thing as an external mod wheel that could work with my P-90. What options do I have (some software tool that \"reassigns\" MIDI output?) other than trading my P-90 in for a different controller? I do love the action it has...

    Thanks in advance for your help,


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    Re: GPO - MIDI Controller - Advice requested

    It seems like this question was already discussed in a different thread, as listed below, sorry for the duplication... maybe I just enjoy talking to myself ?!


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    Re: GPO - MIDI Controller - Advice requested

    This is GREAT information for someone - like me - who\'s looking at getting into Gigastudio & doesn\'t want to make the mistake of getting an inadequate keyboard / controller.

    Just to make sure I understand: a mod wheel is necessary as it allows control of - what - dynamics? attack? Is the parameter it controls a matter of the user\'s choice?

    And, if that is so, is it best to have one of these toys that is mentioned in several posts that allows 4, 8, or 16 parameters to be assigned?

    Finally, I\'m interested if I am losing out by getting an inexpensive Midi keyboard (other than it may not feel as great as an expensive weighted Keyboard). Does the touch sensitivity in one of the high-end keyboards, like the Yamaha, translate to more nuanced conveyance of performance data to Gigastudio?

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    Re: GPO - MIDI Controller - Advice requested

    Clarkus (and others); I have gone out and purchased the Oxygen 8 for $135.00 (see the other thread). It is a small 2 octave MIDI keyboard that plugs in a USB port so you can use it to complement your existing MIDI keyboard. So far, it has worked out perfectly: I was able to use the mod wheel right away and I configured some of the 8 dials on the keyboard to control the corresponding settings in the Kontakt player (portamento, var1, etc.).

    I\'ll be on my way now, as I have a LOT of learning to do! Happy GPOing! (maybe that should become a new verb [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] )

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