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Topic: GPO: Steinway sample distortion?

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    GPO: Steinway sample distortion?

    When I load the steinway piano (large or small version), there seems to be a little distortion on a few notes when played hard (A3 especially, but a few others as well). None of the other samples do this, at least all the strings and brass I\'ve been through. 80% of the piano notes are crystal clear, so I know that i am not overdriving the output of the channel in kontakt player, nor the mixer (in cubase sl 2.0), nor the main output. I have a P4 2.8, 2 gigs of RAM in dualchannel mode (400 FSB), and a m-audio audiophile 2496. I have tried pushing the DMA buffer WAY up (to 2048) just for the sake of troubleshooting this setting, but it didn\'t help. Any suggestions?

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    Re: GPO: Steinway sample distortion?

    Well guys, when i export a piano track as an mp3 (i was going to provide a link so people could here what i was talking about, the distortion went away in the rendered track, BUT... when I export ANYTHING else (44.1k 16bit, 48k 16bit, etc.), the distortion on loud notes appears in the same places as it does when the vst is being triggered in real-time.
    I\'m so confused.

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    Re: GPO: Steinway sample distortion?

    What are you using for monitors? My main reference monitors blew a tweater and I\'m forced to use my Dell PC speakers until I can afford to get new monitors.

    THe reason I bring this up, my Dell PC speakers have a built in amp (30watts I think) so when my soundcard\'s output is turned up to a level which would normally not distort, that extra 30watts causes distortion on the harder hit notes of the piano. However, when I use headphones, the distortion is gone... so I know it\'s the PC speakers.

    The reason it might not show up in the mp3, but does show up in the wav is because mp3 compresses certain frequencies and the overall SPL of the track to fit it into a smaller MB footprint, it may be taming the problematic areas for you, while the wav stays true to the original SPL and EQ levels.

    Just a thought, try through different monitors, or headphones and see if you still get the problem.

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    Re: GPO: Steinway sample distortion?

    You might also invest in a copy of OZONE, a mastering program from Izotope. I can\'t recommend it enough.

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