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Topic: GPO Banner on my Website

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    GPO Banner on my Website

    Mr. Garritan,

    I was wondering if I could place a copy of your GPO Banner on my website. I would really like to help promote your great product.

    If so, then the next question is, how would I do that? Doh!!!!


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    Re: GPO Banner on my Website


    Do you want a static version, or a Flash version?

    Do you have a particular banner you wanted, do you want it personalized with your site on it or something...? I do some design work for Gary and could make you something to put up there. If you are using Dreamweaver you would simply just use the Insert menu to add it into your page, PM me if you need some help or are interested in a custome one and I will give you my number...

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    Re: GPO Banner on my Website


    Thanks for the offer. I could email one of our existing banners. Or, as Alan kindly offered, a custom one can be made. Alan does great work. Email or PM me and we\'ll see what we can do for you.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO Banner on my Website

    Even more satisfying for you, Gary, would be to have whatever banner is graciously shown to be a link to your www.Garritan.com . Personally, I do all \"external\" links in a new page (so as not to usurp my website), so perhaps your web folk(s) could put up an \"approved banner usage\" page with easy-to-copy stuff.

    As a confirmed web-ite, just an idea.


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