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Topic: First day with GPO...(listen).

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    First day with GPO...(listen).

    So I installed GPO today and made the little dity today in Logic. GPO rules for me....all I need. This is definitly not a classical piece.....all was done with midi and I used GPO solo violin, Oboe, flute and french horn....oh yes and Garritan Harp as well which I played on my drum pads (the beat too)! It was a fun time making this....I was suprised of the level of expression you can get rockin the mod wheel. Well enjoy.


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    Re: First day with GPO...(listen).


    As you say, definitely not a classical piece. But that\'s okay and refreshing to hear something different. I like what you did with the harp -reminiscent of Vollenweider.

    Glad you are a member of the GPO Orchestra. Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: First day with GPO...(listen).

    Cool Garritan, I simply wanted a Orchestra at my finger tips (who doesn\'t) as I love all Orchestral instruments, especially solo. However I always want I certain level of realism in my tracks especially when using \"real\" instruments sounds (ie not synths) and GPO proved to be everything I hoped for and more as far as adding the Orchestal sounds to my style of music. Thank man for the great product! I am glad I did not end up getting turned off by the small size of the library and seek for a bigger (or should I say huge!) Orchestra libray as GPO proved to be great sounding and all I ever need!

    I would love to hear what the rest of you think about my track. My mom was like.....\"hunny, where do you record a violin and flute.\" lol. thanls again.

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