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Topic: GPO Adventure/Hollywood Style

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    GPO Adventure/Hollywood Style

    Hi there,

    just another short test to see how GPO goes with some hollywood-styled score. As always, be aware that I\'m new to orchestral music and this is by no means a perfect score ..

    Here it is: Adventure GPO

    As you see, GPO actually managed this kind of theme, but I love to see some staccato brass (only the trumpets do some \"believable staccato\") and the short bowed strings could have a more aggressive version added.

    For comparsion I did the same theme using Edirol\'s HQ Orchestra. The sound cannot stand against GPO (I used the HQO internal reverb so the comparsion is not 100%), but you\'ll see what I mean with more aggressive short bows.

    Here it is: Adventur HQO

    Hope you enjoy it,


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    Re: GPO Adventure/Hollywood Style


    I did enjoy your Adventure GPO. I hope this theme is developed further. We will see what we can do about providing some staccato brass for the next updates.

    Thank you for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO Adventure/Hollywood Style

    I think some more staccatos overall would make a nice expansion to GPO.

    I too have been using my Edirol to add some sharp down bows and agressive brass staccatos. I think it mostly winds up a better timbre match to GPO than my SAM brass (which are excellent staccatos).

    GPO is such a great product that \'true\' staccatos would make it darn near perfect!

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    Re: GPO Adventure/Hollywood Style

    Just my two cents:

    If the new stacatto samples could be reached through keyswitching, velocity switching, or perhaps in a different octave (but same patch) as the sustain samples, that would be great.

    I prefer to not have to run multiple tracks just to get different articulations. This goes for pizz as well. The way I work requires me to switch back and forth between notation and sequencer, which means I like to keep my tracks consistent with my staves.

    The ability to receive Bank/Patch changes per track would be a HUGE plus for me. But perhaps this is an issue for NI?


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