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Topic: Latency

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    I finally got my GPO studio loaded and installed and was able to stream a string quartet movement from Finale today. I was very pleased with the sounds. But I still have to learn a lot more of how to work with GPO, because there was some latency between the instruments. The movement has a considerable amount of polyphony, and a mix of fast notes, many 16th runs at 140 quarter notes a minute. I imagine I could make it better, once learn how. I do have some limitations to my machine, running a 2.4 ghz processor with only 516 megs of memory. This seems enough memory to hold the four solo instruments and the pizzicato partner.


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    Re: Latency

    To reduce latency in GPO Studio, the easiest thing to do is to choose an ASIO output, and MAKE SURE you set the buffer size in GPO Studio to the exact same value as the buffer size in your ASIO control panel. GPO Studio provides a button in the configuration to give you access to your ASIO control panel.

    The lower your buffer size, the lower the latency. However, if you start going below 512 samples, you may start hearing crackles, depending on the capabilities of your sound card and drivers and sometimes other system variables. 256 samples is often achievable, but 512 samples is only 12 ms latency, so to me even at 512 the latency is generally not noticable. Again make sure you match the buffer size in GPO Studio with your ASIO Control panel\'s buffer size.

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