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Topic: Star Trek

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    Re: Star Trek

    Glad you\'ve liked GPO. You did some really nice work with the star trek theme there.

    Where\'s the theremin though? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Hmm.. maybe that could make for a cool easter egg (hidden) patch in GPO.

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    Re: Star Trek

    There was no theremin in the original theme. That was a female voice although theremin-like. What\'s missing here is the furious congas. They moved along at quite a clip.
    Good job on this though. Sounds great!

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    Re: Star Trek

    Ah I was warned after posting that it was actually a female voice - my memory failed me on that one. Probably it just seemed like it really *ought* to be a theremin [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Regardless, nice job on the mock-up.

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    Re: Star Trek


    What a delightful surprise. You have boldly gone where no GPO user has gone before. This must have been fun to do.

    We need a Latin add-on for the congas and bongos. I wonder what DIVA would sound like for the solo voice.

    Live Long and Prosper (and make some more music too!)

    Gary Garritan

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    Star Trek

    I received my GPO three days ago, and I\'m very happy with it! Just for fun, I decided to test it by plugging the sounds into the old Star Trek theme. Here are the results. This was done on a 1GHz G4 Titanium laptop, using Cubase SX 1.0.6, and only GPO samples:


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    Re: Star Trek

    Nice! Love it! Perfectly adapted! Only the timbal roll could be faster.....

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    Re: Star Trek

    As the actual Thereminvox\'s were frightfully difficult to play (most all the Hollywood scoring sessions for that instrument in the fourties and fifties were performed by Dr. Samuel Hoffmann, one of only three theremin \'virtuosos\' able to play from a score) it was often the case to hire a coloratura soprano to sing with the intense fast vibrato of the instrument.

    That was the case on the Star Trek scoring session as Hoffmann was dead and Theremin players were not available.

    Bernard Herrmann realized the Thereminvox was quite an unweildy instrument and so used the Theremin \'violins\' on his score for \"Day the Earth Stood Still\".

    There is a new recording of this landmark score out, but I\'ve not ordered a copy yet and don\'t know if they went with actual thereminvoxs or just a minimoog as was done on Herrmann\'s own 1974 re-recording.

    I\'m a Trekker and so much enjoyed the Star Trek theme on GPO!

    P.S.: on the original recording of Dimitri Tiomkin\'s \"The Thing\" he used BOTH theremin violins, cellos and a real soprano. On the re-recording of the score in 1979 the three theremin instruments were replaced with three sopranos and a mezzo-contralto.

    Just for the info...

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