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Topic: GPO + Finale = my first demo

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    GPO + Finale = my first demo


    I have created my first demo using GPO and Finale.

    To get the dynamics and legato, I used note expressions to control the mod controller, and the sustain pedal.
    Kk 388

    I would be interested to hear any comments.

    Credits: Kk 388 from Baroque Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti arranged for Brass Ensemble by Stephen Dodgson.

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    Re: GPO + Finale = my first demo

    Hi, Richard.

    I think you\'ve done some good work here, but the piece has a kind of non-human \"piano roll\" feel to it. I think this is one of the problems with using notation software as opposed to playing the parts into a sequencer with real-time expression.

    I\'ve yet to hear any of the notation pieces that doesn\'t sound a bit mechanical.

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    Re: GPO + Finale = my first demo

    This worked very well to me - I\'m impressed by how good the piece sounds. It\'s really nice to hear this from a notation program.

    It sounds like you know the main tools to create good playback- mod wheel and sustain pedal. I\'ll make another general suggestion in case it is any help. If you are not yet familiar with using different velocities to tailor the attack speed of notes, you might find it\'s nice to play around with it a bit. Adjusting attack speeds (through velocity) is probably much more pain than it\'s generally worth in notation. Still, it might be nice in spots here and there where you feel there should be accents, or to adjust the playback phrasing.

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