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Topic: Help with Studio

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    Help with Studio

    The sustain pedal does not work in Studio. It works in GPO Giga, and everything else.. Also. Playin a midi keyboard does not sound in Studio Is it me, or what ?? Thanks in advance..EJ

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    Re: Help with Studio

    Originally posted by EJ:
    The sustain pedal does not work in Studio.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">EJ,

    I get GPO Studio to accept my Sustain Pedal messages from Finale notation program just fine. I can use Sustain Pedal to control legato for the winds and strings and the Sustain for piano. I don\'t use a midi keyboard, so I don\'t know about that. I assume you need to do some detective work, like -- do you know for certain that your keyboard is sending MIDI data?, etc.

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    Re: Help with Studio

    Hi EJ,
    The sustain pedal in GPO almost always works to engage legato, rather than to hold notes (like a piano would). I\'m guessing your sustain pedal may be working, but the function it performs is different from what you are expecting.

    The one instrument in GPO that should have normal sustain functionality is piano. You can change the sustain pedal behavior by going to one of the Kontakt players and clicking on the \"Options\" button - you would then change the \"Sustain/Sustenuto Pedal Mode\" setting to be \"Normal Sustain/Sustenuto Operation\". You\'ll definitely want to change it back when you are using instruments other than piano, because you lose the legato features of all the instruments when the sustain pedal mode is set to \"normal sustain\". There are tricks to let you use both modes at the same time, if you\'re using a sequencer, but those tricks won\'t work with GPO Studio presently. Anyway, I think you may get much more what you\'re expecting when you play around with the sustain mode in the options.

    If you\'d like to use GPO Studio with a midi keyboard, you can use the midi inputs utility for GPO Studio - it\'s under the \'two computers\' folder on the fourth cd. You need to keep it running while GPO Studio is running.

    Typically when running from a keyboard, I\'d suggest to use the Stand-alone Garritan Personal Orchestra, which was available as one of the install options in the main installation of GPO. If you didn\'t install it yet, you could still run the installer again and choose to install it. The midi inputs utility for GPO Studio was designed as a convenience for people with their sequencer on a separate computer from GPO, but anything that works is fair game [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] - you should be able to use GPO Studio from your keyboard by utilizing the midi inputs utility.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Help with Studio

    Thanks.. I will try the midi utilities.
    The sustain works properly in GPO, and the options are set the same in Studio.. This acts the same with either of the keyboards or either sustain pedals that I have tried.. I would prefer to use Studio, as it will work with Sib. Sib\'s Gold has nowhere near the quality of GPO in my opinion..

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    Re: Help with Studio

    Jeff.. There does not seem to be any utility programs on Disk 4...

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