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Topic: GOS with MachFive on a Mac?

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    GOS with MachFive on a Mac?

    Hi all, I’ve been so thrilled with GPO, that I’ve decided to hold my breath and take the plunge to GOS. I’m using a MAC and would have to translate the samples to MachFive. Has anyone done this with success? Could you be so kind as to explain what gets translated and what gets ignored? Could one achieve anything like what one can do with the Giga version on a PC? Or would I best just wait until the Kontakt version is released.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: GOS with MachFive on a Mac?

    NI finally appears to be getting it\'s act together on the latest OSX version of Kontakt. The disk streaming appears to be working much better at this time. Mach 5 does not have disk streaming which would be essential to use GOS. GOS imports pretty well into the latest version of Kontakt although you still lose the legato programming and some of the auto-alternating bowstrokes as Maestro Tools was used for this.

    You may still want to wait for GOS 2 which will be written native for Kontakt and in 24 bits. Gary has also discussed a strings add-on for GPO with more articulations.

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    Re: GOS with MachFive on a Mac?


    Mach5, to my knowledge, still does not support streaming. A single GOS patch could be as much as 700 megabytes. So RAM won\'t work.

    A year ago I was in discussion with MOTU about a Mach5 version. There are nice features in Mach5. I particularly like the possibility of 5.1 surround samples. But until streaming is available in Mach5 and tested, proven and works, we\'ll have to wait.

    Gary Garritan

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