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Topic: Setup for an EWI

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    Setup for an EWI

    I’m thinking about purchasing GPO with the included Kontakt player as my introduction to sampling. Does anybody know if this version of Kontakt will be enough to control the samples from an EWI as well as the keyboard? Or will I need to purchase the full version of Kontakt for EWI control? If I need to get another sampler… what would you suggest?

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    Re: Setup for an EWI

    GPO is not so much a \"sampler\" thing as a \"package\". Think of it as an advanced (*very* advanced) VST instrument (or collection thereof).

    i hope this helps ... kev

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    Re: Setup for an EWI

    Am I correct, your EWI is a wind controller - it sends midi note on-off, breath control (cc2), and perhaps some additional controller messages as well?

    If I\'m right, you\'re golden with GPO, you just need a way to translate your EWI\'s cc2 into GPO\'s cc1. Some sequencers will do the translation, others need a front end app (e.g. buildling blocks) ...


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    Re: Setup for an EWI

    You’re exactly right about the Wind Controller Trond. Let me be more specific about what I’m thinking about doing. I already have an Mbox and pro tools LE… I’d like to use pro tools as my “sequencer” and spend my available $250 on GPO to jump into the sampling world (as opposed to buying Logic). Am I thinking backwards?


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