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Topic: Strange question?

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    Strange question?

    First of all thank you for all the comments about my little piece (in another thread). And now, I have a question that may sound a bit strange, especially here where there are so many pros, but I dare to ask it.

    I listen to all the absolutely great music people make. How do you do it?? I don\'t mean the music itself, but creating the whole arrangement until the final mp3 file? Many people comment on the use of notation programs and the use thereof as though, this is not the way that it is normally done. Then how do you complete an arrangement?

    This is what I did(remember that its the first time I ever used a programme like GPO and Cubasis): Compose the whole score in Sibelius, then save every instrument seperately to a midi file, import the instrument or groups of instruments as midi files into Cubasis and then do what needs to be done. Then save the instrument to wav and start the whole process with the next group of instruments until everything is in wav. Finally I import all the wavs and save a fanal audio file.

    I don\'t know. Is this logical or am I doing it completely wrong. It seems to me that people play every instrument into the mixing programme directly. Is this so? What about complicated passages? Surely not everyone is a master at the keyboard. I am a fautist and there are things I just cannot do on a keyboard.

    I hope someone can give a basic outline of events in producing a large orchestral arrangement. I\'m sure there are others who would also benefit from this.

    Louis Dekker

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    Re: Strange question?


    Everyone has a different way of working. It seems you and I are awefully close in our working habits. I need to \"see\" the score as I\'m writing it, thru the use of Finale (a notation program). Then I save the whole arrangement out to a MIDI file (with seperate tracks for each instrument) then import to Cubase SX. I\'m not much of a keyboard player so I wouldn\'t be able to play in the parts.

    On the other hand, we have some people here that have been doing this so deligently for so long that they can read a key editor better than the morning paper and can \"see\" their score just as easily that way.

    I guess it\'s all what you\'re used to, and I\'m trying hard to become used to the key editor as that would greatly speed up production if I were able to compose directly into a work-in-progress rather than going back to the notation version all the time and then reimporting.

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    Re: Strange question?

    Louis, since you are a flautist, what about a wind controller? I\'ve never used one - but I think you can set it up for flute fingering. It wouldn\'t answer your overall arranging question, but it might make parts easier to play than on a keyboard.

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    Re: Strange question?

    If you try the sequencer program called record producer you can be in the piano roll view and the notation view at the same time thus any changes made in the piano roll can be seen on the score instantly. The two views line up good however you would have to use GPO as a stand alone. I hope this is some help. Joe

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    Re: Strange question?

    I write also in Sibelius, but when it comes to to producing the music, I play through all the parts and record them into cubase. Sometimes I use also the midi-export, but only in rare cases. It sounds so much better, if you play it, even in low speed. And you get a better feeling for your music.
    Having said that, that doesn´t mean I don´t edit what I recorded. But I never use the quantize button, everything by hand.

    In the last piece I used the midi file for percussion which was a mistake. I spend now some hours to reedit the audio to put in some irregularities.

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