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Topic: In addition to GPO

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    In addition to GPO

    I have GPO and I really like it - it has open up a lot of new avenues of music for me. And I want to build on what I have. A lot of people talk about adding EWQL silver and SAM horns, but would EWQL silver add a lot to GPO? I can see in Platinum there are a lot of things that GPO won\'t do, but it\'s way more than I can spend. But what about Silver? Or is there something even better?

    I\'m sorry if this is not the right place for this post.

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    Re: In addition to GPO

    Basically to me, it comes down to this:

    The only areas that GPO might not achieve a certain orchestral \'granduer\' or something, is in the brass. If you feel that this is so, then SAM brass would be a good starting point (it has \'close\' samples which work better for GPO and I have programmed it for Kontakt to get it to respond more like GPO).

    If you think that the other sections of the orchestra might benefit from some \'beefing up\', then a library offering all the sections of a modern orchestra like the QLSO Silver might be a good choice. NONE of the other orchestral libraries being offered today except GPO has the very great modwheel expression and sustain pedal programming. This makes it a little \'schizo\' to jump back and forth between tracks when editing controllers for the different players. I have setup my Edirol for instance to use the cc#11 (cc#1 only controls vibrato) for volume and timbre and velocity for attack so I can get it to feel a little bit like GPO. The Silver also responds differently than GPO, etc.

    I don\'t know that all the libraries will be a good timbre-match for GPO, especially the Silver (okay, I don\'t own it yet, but the demos show it to have a definite ambient \'ring\' to it--not a bad thing at all really...). I think that something with more dry samples might be better, like the QLSO Platinum (it has close mic positions included), but here it seems kind of silly to augment a $250.00 library with a $3000.00+ library! The same goes for VSL which might be the best match timbre-wise.

    You could of course use the Edirol HQ orchestra if your budget is really tight--it\'s price has come WAY down recently (and in the wake of GPO\'s debut!). Ditto for the Prosonus Orchestra. Both of these have material that can sit quite well with GPO in a mix.

    Since I already have SAM brass and some GIGA libraries, as well as the Edirol and the Prosonus stuff (and a SLEW of old stuff like Vitous) I have a lot of low budget and medium budget things to try against it, so I know what I\'m saying here (ouch! opinionated...?).

    I\'d wait for another East-West sale and get Silver though.

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    Re: In addition to GPO

    Depending upon how much you can spend, I can recommend VSL\'s Opus 1 as an upgrade/addition. VSL and Garritan offer an upgrade path from GPO to Opus1 - the upgrade price takes $100 off - I believe making the list $890. If it\'s too much, there are a lot of very good \"focused\" libraries for brass, strings, woodwinds, percussion, etc.. Any choice in those would of course depend upon the sort of instruments you want to add.

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    Re: In addition to GPO

    Thanks. Great suggestions.

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