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Topic: FREE GPO Banners

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    FREE GPO Banners

    As some of the members of the Personal Orchestra have expressed an interest in putting up GPO banners on their sites, I have created a few standard ones here that can be customized to personally fit your website.

    To use these banners, simply right-click and choose, Save Target As... and save the .jpg to your local computer, then it can be inserted into your site, if you have any questions about how to do this, you can PM or e-mail me and we can figure it out.

    These first two are for the people who have just black and white backgrounds on their sites:

    Next, These can be customized to fit the color of your site\'s background, such as this one is fit to the NS page with seemless color integration:

    And the next post also shows how it can be seemlessly integrated into a different colored background:

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    Re: FREE GPO Banners

    I can also customize them for any text you\'d like, as I have done for Jonathon Cox (Jonny Lost Inc) below: (his site has a black background

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    Re: FREE GPO Banners


    Simply fantastic!!!!! I can\'t wait to get them up on my site. I\'ll let everyone know when that is.

    Thanks again Alsn and Mr. Garritan,


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    Re: FREE GPO Banners


    You\'re welcome, hope to see them up soon...

    And anyone else that would like these personalized for their site just let me know...

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    Re: FREE GPO Banners

    I like the logos. Very cool of you to make them! I have a small request.... Any chance you could create a version that doesn\'t imply that all the music on the page was done with the GPO? Maybe something as easy as \"Some of the music on this page was recorded with the Garritan Personal Orchestra....\", for those of us who have incorporated (and love) GPO into our music, but who don\'t exclusively use only the GPO? Especially for those of us who don\'t create only orchestral music. I really like the idea of a GPO logo on my site, but I have orchestral, rock, metal, techno, and sound design work on my site, created using a variety of libraries and equipment. Of course GPO is my new favorite!

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    Re: FREE GPO Banners

    Hi Alan, sorry to nitpick, but have you tried saving the images as GIF\'s or better yet, PNG files? They will be about 1/4 of the size and look the same. Currently you are using a bit depth of millions of colours where you could use a 256 colour (8 bit) palette.

    Very nice banners! (Sorry if I come across as negative, I dont mean to. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )

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    Re: FREE GPO Banners

    22kb is pretty big, in this size you should get\'em at about 8k or even less.

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    Re: FREE GPO Banners

    A live version can be seen at the bottom of the page here: http://www.burfordgallopade.com/

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    Re: FREE GPO Banners

    These are hi-res versions, you can downsize them for your site, or I will downsize personalized ones, if you need them in a different format, just PM me and I can e-mail them to you.

    For those that would like them personalized (i.e. not all the music by GPO just let me know)...

    I am working on some personalized ones now that I recieved PM\'s about and will have the different file format ones available soon.

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    Re: FREE GPO Banners


    Gee, it looks like I dumped alot of work on you!! Sorry, but that happens when you do great work!


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