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Topic: OT: PC --> Opcode 64x serial Cable

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    OT: PC --> Opcode 64x serial Cable

    Greetings. In my quest to create the absolute cheapest GPO playback module I have bought a Dell 2.2 ghz PC for $350, and an Opcode Studio 64x (64 total channels) for $15. I plan to run finale on my Mac Powerbook, and connect to the PC via the 64x.

    The problem is I have to buy a serial cable for the device and I don\'t know what kind of cable I need. Is it a straight through? In that case I can just buy a serial extension cable. (the 64x has a female 9 pin connector) Is it a crossover cable? Is it a custom cable? I could even make the cable myself if I had the pinout configuration.

    Any help much appreciated.


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    Re: OT: PC --> Opcode 64x serial Cable


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