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Topic: Problems with GPO Studio V.1.11

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    Problems with GPO Studio V.1.11

    Ever since I downloaded the upgrade, it takes *way* longer, up to 5 minutes, to load the software. Any ideas? I have a P4, 2.0ghz, with 1 gig of RAM.. it shouldn\'t be taking this long, as the version I installed with the discs didn\'t.

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    Re: Problems with GPO Studio V.1.11

    I have noticed a long loading time since I installed the upgrade, but it\'s nowhere near five minutes long. Wow. Oh, and my computer stats are about the same as yours.

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    Re: Problems with GPO Studio V.1.11

    If you downloaded and installed one of the newer versions of the GPO Kontakt player, there is generally a longer load time, which I believe was a side effect of changes NI made to increase stability. It is possible to go back to the older load times by changing a registry setting, though this may sacrifice the stability benefits NI added in. Offhand I don\'t have the registry item, but hopefully someone will point you to it before I have to look it up tomorrow.

    If you changed only the GPO Studio, then if you still have your older version handy, I\'d recommend for you to uninstall the new GPO Studio and install the old one again. If the using the old GPO Studio solves the problem for you, we\'ll have to look into what might be causing a problem with the newer version. If both versions take a long time, then probably the problem lies elsewhere - considering it used to work with fast loads.

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