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Topic: pleae help

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    Re: pleae help


    There could be many things going on here that may have to do with your soundcard, your configuration, your setting, you audio chain or various other factors. It would be best if you could call or privately send me a phone number to call and we\'ll try to troubleshoot the problem you are having.

    Gary Garritan

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    pleae help

    I have the latest version of Kontakt player. In GPO, when I load the piano sample (normal or light), some of the notes seem to be distorting when playing them at full velocity - this is wierd because many of the notes do not. It is NOT being overdriven anywhere in the path (channel output is ok, mixer input is ok, etc.) It\'s not my monitors either because when i monitor at very low volumes, the distortion is still happening. I had an Audiophile 2496, then switched to a Echo midimia, and the problem is still there. Any buffer/latency/samples setting does NOT help. I am at 16bit/44.1 in cubase SL, but have tried other sample rate settings. I have a P4/2.8gh with 2GB of 400mh ram, and a 80gig 7200rpm drive. My motherboard is an ABIT (is7 i tink). Also, the section strings/cello/sus+short patch has a click in the F3 note (when i hold it down, i here it about 6-7 seconds into the sample). Every other patch is fine, so this baffles me.
    Flute patches seem to click (even when i raise the polyphony), until i pan it to the center.
    I have all the latest drivers for everything.
    Is there a pattern here that i am missing?

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