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Topic: Overture "update" problem

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    Overture "update" problem

    The new version of Overture SE decreases the \"voices\" per staff to 4 instead of 8 (see the tracks menu)!!! It must be a mistake! I need all 8 channels. I wrote this to Don Williams of Geniesoft as well as Gary Garritan, hoping this could be fixed. No response yet. If anyone else is annoyed, please stand behind me here:

    \"Hi Don, I am an owner of regular Overture full version as well as the Overture SE for Garritan Personal Orchestra. I am currently using the SE version that came with personal orchestra. Thank you for correcting the mouse entry click and drag preference that I suggested through Gary.

    I have a new problem.

    With the new update to SE 3.5.1, I am only able to choose 4 voices per staff in the tracks window. In all previous versions, as well as the current documentation, we should still have 8 to choose from per staff. This is limiting me quite a bit, seeing as how I needed 7 to put two trombones with all the mutes, alternate bass trombones and ff overlay on one staff, by the Garritan method of different channels per patch. Any chance of fixing this, or was this intentional? I am working on a commercial project that is being hindered due to this unforseen change in programming.


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    Re: Overture "update" problem


    Anyone who has the full version of Overture shouldn\'t need to use Overture SE. Look for the GPO menu. It\'s there, as long as GPO is installed on the same PC. You also get the extra controller options for dynamics (i.e., Expression and Modulation Wheel). One tip, though: in order to load a sound set without hunting for the files, copy the \"Sound Set\" folder from the Overture SE directory into the directory of the full version.

    As for the recent loss of staff voices in SE, I suspect Don realized he was giving away too many features and wanted to encourage GPO users to upgrade to the full version of Overture.


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    Re: Overture "update" problem

    I must confess to some misunderstanding here--exactly what is NOT in the SE version that IS in the \"regular\" version?

    In making the decision to:
    1. Move away from a 10-year-plus investment in Finale, and

    2. Drop some money on Overture,

    I\'d like to be more informed.

    I understand that the Overture bunch can be busy, if indeed there\'s a \"bunch.\" I sent them a couple emails that went unanswered BUT BUT BUT the specific feature request I mentioned was indeed incorporated into the last updater. That\'s more important!!
    I also looked at the 800-page-plus manual and couldn\'t determine with certainty what was and wasn\'t in the SE version. It seemed as if everything in the manual was present in the SE.

    Since the programmer(s) know(s) the program much better than I, it might be easier for them to list the features in the Full version that do not appear in the SE.

    For use with GPO, however, it would be very useful for articulations (staccato, accents, sfz, etc) to have playback capability.


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    Re: Overture "update" problem

    Based on a cursory glance at the full and SE versions of Overture, I can tell you this much:

    The full version supports up to 64 staves; the SE version supports up to 32.

    The full version supports up to 8 voices and channels per staff; the SE version supports up to 4 (as viewed in the Tracks window; the Score window still allows you to select Voices 1-8).

    Only the full version supports guitar frames, chord symbols and lyrics.

    Only the full version allows you to load and edit various program \"libraries\" (Allotment Table, Chord Symbols, Drum Map, Expression Playback, Guitar Frames, and Instruments).

    Don mentioned to me at NAMM that articulation playback will be available in the next release of Overture.


    P.S. I assume you meant to say Overture instead of Encore, particularly since this thread is about Overture.

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    Re: Overture "update" problem

    Never mind.

    -- Emily Litella

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    Re: Overture "update" problem


    Yes, of course I meant Overture...

    And Martin, therefore please totally disregard the note I sent you.

    I\'m gonna go back & edit the post...

    Too much paper grading has addled my aging brain.

    [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img] for me!!!

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    Re: Overture "update" problem


    No problem, it has happened to me more times than I would like to think about. You can ignore my message. Overture is the bees knees. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    -- Martin

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    Re: Overture "update" problem

    Although I purchased Overture for its full price, I haven\'t paid for the upgrade to cross platform. My version is a Mac and I NOW use PC. I use SE exclusively now. I think it is a programming mistake with the upgrades, because in all previous versions of Overture SE, we had 8 voices per staff. If it is deliberate, I would like confirmation from Geniesoft. I contacted them weeks ago, but no response.

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