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Topic: Rewire and Maestro tools for GOS?

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    Re: Rewire and Maestro tools for GOS?

    bump... anyone?

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    Re: Rewire and Maestro tools for GOS?

    It may be rough to get an answer on this one since no one has Giga 3 as of yet.

    I\'ve been using GOS converted over with Kontakt 1.5.2 as a VST plugin inside Sonar 3 and it works quite well. I understand that Maple Tools (updated Maestro Tools) works with it just as it does with GigaStudio although I haven\'t confirmed it. I\'ve converted most of my Giga libraries over to Kontakt and rarely ever turn on my Giga machine.

    I\'m not too excited over Giga 3 as they programmed it in Kernel mode which means that it takes over the system and may not play nice with other programs. This is against Microsoft\'s recommended way of programming applications and bypasses safeguards to keep programs from conflicting with one another.

    The latest version of Kontakt has improved dramatically and the disk streaming performance has been improved. I current get up to 200 stereo voices (yes that is 400 mono voices) on a P4 2.8 GHz machine and unlimited MIDI channels. Many of the sound developers are now working on or have released their libraries in Kontakt format. GOS 2 is currently being developed for Kontakt and a decision hasn\'t been made on if a Giga 3 version will be developed.

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    Re: Rewire and Maestro tools for GOS?

    I would expect you will still be able to use MaestroTools, but it\'s hard to be certain what Giga 3.0 will do when it comes out, or what limitations it might impose. I expect that the Giga developers won\'t cripple existing tools like MaestroTools and the VSL Performance tool, but again it\'s impossible to give a definitive answer.

    So long as the rewire setup doesn\'t interfere with MIDI drivers (I don\'t know why it should), and so long as Giga 3.0 still accepts standard midi inputs (I don\'t know why it would not), then the prospects are very, very good that Maestro will continue to work fine.

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    Rewire and Maestro tools for GOS?

    Hi everybody I\'ve got a question for some of the pros \'round here.
    Currently I cannot use gigastudio and Sonar 3 at the same time. (I don\'t have multiple outputs/inputs on my terratec EWX soundcard. And no, I can\'t buy a different soundcard right now.) So I\'m really looking forward to the release of Gigastudio 3 because of its ReWire capabilities. And in theory I could finally use GigaStudio as a plugin synth. My question is this, if I do buy Giga 3 can I still use Maestro Tools or will ReWire mess with it? Would I just have my midi track midi out -> maestro-> Giga3-> back to the audio track. I just want an easier way to use GOS. Maybe I should just get a new soundcard.

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