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Topic: Let me know what u guys think...

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    Let me know what u guys think...

    Well I just switched to sonar, thanks to some help from several of you. I did a few songs here mostly to experiment with settings.

    scarletts journey is my 1st attempt in sonar.

    the other two were done in logic, and all of them are rough draft learning type things.

    I hosted them at besonic, so you guys can check them out. I cant say that they sound exactly like they do in my head, YET.. but with some more learning about the finnesse of sonic, I just may get there.

    Anywho heres the link

    it will show a random pic cuz i havent uploaded one yet.. so any images you see arent me.


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    Re: Let me know what u guys think...

    doh they did get my pic up.. thats me..

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