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Topic: Violin Soundfont

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    Violin Soundfont

    I\'m aware that soundfonts aren\'t used in GPO. When I\'m able to afford a powerful enough computer, I\'ll be switching to GPO and (I assume) learning a whole new method of orchestration. In the meantime, I\'m using soundfonts and an Audigy card. The soundfonts I have are okay, except for the violin. I\'ve downloaded probably sixty violin soundfonts, and none of them sound like a violin. I know how hard it is to get a realistic violin sound, but the best I\'ve found (and one used by many sf banks) is one that\'s about 467k in size, and the lower registers sound more like a cat with a cold than a violin.

    Are there any decent violin soundfonts, commercial or otherwise? I\'ve paid for such as Papelmedia, Ntonyx, Sonic Implants, Utopia, etc., and none are any good.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Violin Soundfont

    Do you have Sonic Implants latest string soundfonts, taken from their Symphonic Strings series? I don\'t have them, but the demos sound really good, and that was what I was looking into getting when GPO came along and blew me away (and had a lot more than just strings!). I know SI sold some string soundfonts way back when that weren\'t really anything special, but the new ones are based on the new string series and should be pretty decent. Just want to make sure whether or not you have those newer ones in particular. I still use Sonic Implants fonts for drums and piano on some things, and think their stuff is generally very high quality.

    Otherwise, I bought a series of very useful soundfont CDs on eBay a while ago, which were a compilation of all of the free soundfonts available on the web over the past few years. Saved me the trouble of looking all over and downloading things. From that collection, I made a few of my own custom banks, and recall that for a string section, the \"Cadenza strings\" are quite nice sounding (and can be found to download for free online), and there was one solo violin font that was pretty decent (though a far cry now from the GPO violins), but I can\'t remember the name of it. I can probably find that and send it over to you later if you like.

    But rather than buying more string soundfonts, the best of which are still likely to pale to the GPO strings, I would highly recommend just saving up for GPO.

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    Re: Violin Soundfont

    Another low budget possibility would be to get the solo strings from prosamples...about 40 bucks

    http://www.bestservice.de/detail.asp?uid=781261a82p82p67p143&lng=2&area=2&gr oup=10&typ=8&idx=1479&flg=grp

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    Re: Violin Soundfont

    The best place I\'ve found for quality (and some not so quality) soundfonts is http://www.hammersound.net

    M. Freywald

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    Re: Violin Soundfont

    I bought Sonido Medias orchestra soundfonts. I can say that the cello was superb but I can\'t recall if the violin was any good.

    A violin is very expressive like a sax in that you need to get into midi controllers to make it sound realistic.....even super libraries.


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    Re: Violin Soundfont

    If you just want solo violin, Kirk Hunter is the best deal. I realize they are not soundfonts, but if your serious about your music you should get a sampler. There are several low-cost softsamplers that will convert the KH so you could use them.

    Just a thought.

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    Re: Violin Soundfont

    You can also have a look at http://www.emusicmag.com

    they got a bunch of free soundfonts (over 500 I think)

    I realize that some of them are crappy but you never know [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Violin Soundfont

    Even though there are some decent soundfonts, they just don\'t stack up to wavs in a sampler.
    RGC audio has a program called sfz you could check into.

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