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Bridges: A Musical Journey

Bridges: a Musical Journey, is a collaborative project with 35 musicians from 5 continents including countries as Chile, Australia, USA, Nepal, UK, Austria, Finland, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Colombia, Singapore, France, Brazil, Italy, Greece, Spain, Iran, Israel, Ethiopia, and Uruguay.

Two musicians in opposite sides of the world have recorded the first demo for Bridges. Igor Ledermann in Australia and Nicolás Soto in Colombia. They worked together in an idea for a first track in the CD. Later, musicians from France, Singapore and Mexico added some extra tracks to do this first demo.
The idea was to record the rest of the instruments with real musicians, and rely as less possible in virtual instruments (instruments recorded with a computer rather than an actual human being).
I think that the final product is really amazing!

There a lot of different influences and really great sounds with every kind of acoustic instrument. This list is not comprehensive but you will find players of flute, panflute, violin guitar, Saxophone, Whistle, charango, percussions, guitars, bass, bawu, acccordion, sabar, dun dun, pandeiro, cajón peruano, darbuka, Shakers, Tabla, Bouzouki, Clarinet, bandurria, Piano, Quena traversa, saz, Kanjira, Hand pan, Ney, Setar, Duduk, clarinet, Harp, home made cello-guitar, Kantele, Kalimba, Low D Whistle, dizi, cura, oud.

I partecipated myself in this recording (...this is shy i'm posting it here!) with a turkish saz a flute and my home made cell-guitar.

I hope you enjoy the listening and you will support the project!

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