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Topic: Converting GOS to Kontakt question???

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    Converting GOS to Kontakt question???

    Thanks to Haydn for turning me on to this idea.
    I\'m thinking of converting all my GOS samples to the Kontakt format. But... does Maestro (Maple) tools still work the same? The keyswitching and legato and all that? Before I go through all the conversions, I\'d like to make sure it will still work well. Thanks!

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    Re: Converting GOS to Kontakt question???

    Hey josh, I\'m actually thinking the same thing. What might be nice is if we could get several of us on here all working on the conversion project and helping pull it off. I say this because the programming in GOS could be so much cooler using some of the kontakt features. I\'m not sure I\'d want to just convert the patches as they are. They work fine in giga for that, but I\'d love to be able to mix some of the short bows with the long bows and come up with similar patches as GPO but with a more exhaustive sound palette.

    We could just trade .nki files and maybe Tom Hopkins would even throw in a programming tip or two along the way. If 5-6 or more of us could pull this off, then everyone could benifit from it. I\'m sure Gary would love to have a Kontakt version available, but I know they\'re really busy doing all their other projects right now. So......

    Anybody else interested?


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    Re: Converting GOS to Kontakt question???

    That sounds great!! I like the Kontakt sampler over Giga, and I can use it as a plugin. I\'m limited on my in out ports so I can\'t use Giga with my sampler (argh). But I can use Kontakt! I really want to know if Maestro will respond the same. Does anybody use GOS without Maestro? How do you control GOS without it? Let\'s do this... [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: Converting GOS to Kontakt question???

    Originally posted by joshj:
    so I can\'t use Giga with my sampler (argh).
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I meant \"sequencer\" duh.

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    Re: Converting GOS to Kontakt question???

    Josh I\'m going to start working on this in about 3-4 weeks, when I get through this current project I\'m working on. I\'ll post a thread here and we\'ll see what kind of interest we can conjure up: )


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