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Topic: Congratulations to GPO!!

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    Congratulations to GPO!!

    Congratulations to GPO for also being nominated in the GANG awards \"Best Sound Library\" category!

    I only just now noticed that GPO was nominated too.

    As a proud owner of GPO and EWQLSO, I wish they could both win!!

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    Re: Congratulations to GPO!!

    Hi Scott,
    now that you\'ve mentioned that you have both gpo and QLSO (silver, i assume?) I\'m just wondering between GPO and QLSO, which is more CPU and Mem hunger?? Does both library can blend nicely together?

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    Re: Congratulations to GPO!!

    I wish they could both win to!! But maybe GPO should just on the basis of how much hi-quality stuff you get for $249.00!

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