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Topic: finally taken the plunge with GPO

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    finally taken the plunge with GPO

    Hey all,

    Many thanks for all the helpfull views, comments and demos of GPO. I have finally taken the plunge and my shiny new copy of GPO waits for me at home as I speak. I\'m intending on setting up a master-slave system with my G4 Powerbook running SX2 through an M-Audio Fwire410 which will be system linked into my slave 2.4Ghz 1Gb PC running V-Stack. The powerbook will do the mixing and recording, the PC will do the Kontakt VSti for GPO and SAM Horns as well as Fruity Loops. If it all works I\'m gonna have some fun... will report back!


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    Re: finally taken the plunge with GPO

    I’m Curious to see how well you make out with GPO and your system. I\'ve had all sorts of problems with mine. Taking it in for an upgrade as soon as I can get free. I believe a good segment of the problem is ram. I have a gig but from what I’ve read 1.5 is more suitable. I can tell you will not be disappointed with the sounds in GPO. Best I’ve heard for the buck!

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    Re: finally taken the plunge with GPO


    Welcome to the GPO community. Your system seems like it will work just fine. If you use GPO Studio you may want to try the GPO MIDI Inputs program located on Disc 4 (or available from the support page on our site). If you have two computers, this will allow you to use GPO on your PC Computer while using your sequencer on a second computer.

    Let us know how you make out. If you need any help setting this up, feel free to call me.

    Gary Garritan

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