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Topic: A little more Vivaldi

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    A little more Vivaldi

    Hi everyone,

    Some of you may remember that a few weeks ago I posted the Largo movement from Vivaldi\'s Concerto in D for Guitar. Well here is the Third Allegro movement from that concerto. Of course everything except the guitar, which is my 10-string is from GPO. I\'ll finish it with the first movement as soon as time allows.


    Any comments, constructive or otherwise are welcome.

    Thanks Gary for letting us show off GPO on this great forum.

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    Re: A little more Vivaldi

    I wanted to mention, but hit the post button too fast, that the guitar is an Oribe 10-string built for me in 1971. Thanks, Jose, if you read this, for a great sounding and fun instrument to play.

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    Re: A little more Vivaldi

    Hey Karl

    I like it very much. I\'d like to see the guitar brought a little bit more to the front (but that might just be my natural bias towards guitars - I\'m a guitarist [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] ).

    Awesome work!

    - Junker

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    Re: A little more Vivaldi

    I think it\'s great. I\'d also bring the guitar up more. Also, I think the harpsicord is a bit too loud.
    Good work though [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: A little more Vivaldi

    I would also lower the harspichord and bring out the guitar a little more.

    Liked the performance, very good. Only the portamento in 20\" and in 1\'24\" (and repetitions) sound out of style.

    The use of GPO, superb. Compared it with the John Williams Seville Concert version, and it stands the comparison.

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    Re: A little more Vivaldi


    Very nice! Your guitar playing is fabulous. And a great sounding instrument. Hope you don\'t mind my posting a photo of you and your Oribe guitar:

    Thanks for posting this. Hope you don\'t mind if this makes it to the demo page.

    Gary Garritan

    PS: Did you also do this on a Mac with Digital Performer?

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    Re: A little more Vivaldi

    Wonderful performance just like the fist one, sir! Your guitar playing is so technically superior and musical at the same time. Sometimes, not to many artists can achieve both. You have also handled GPO very well. The harpsichord volume is just right to my ears. Probably a bit more reverb would set it in place properly. Otherwise, I think everything is perfect as they are!

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    Re: A little more Vivaldi

    Love it! Simply Love it! A technical and musical master on guitar! Vividly is one of my favorites! I found nothing disturbing with the mix. Truly blessed with talent. More please!

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    Re: A little more Vivaldi

    Very nice work!
    You prefer a very dry mix, which is of course appropriate to the style. But I might suggest to add some more ambience to the orchestra to push it a bit back behind the guitar. The levels are right, it´s just a question of perspective, in my opinion.
    Now the orchestra seems to be even a bit closer than the guitar, which I find irritating.
    Also I would suggest to lower a bit the high end of the harpsichord for same reason (again no level problem) and to decrease frequencies between 2 and 5 kHz in the violins. They sound a bit harsh.
    Concerning the panning I might suggest to fill up the middle a bit more. Now it sounds a bit like the orchestra is left and right of the guitar. I understand that solution, because otherwise the guitar would have been even more covered, but if you follow my reverb advice you´ll see that you can fill up the middle again.

    Your guitar tone is round and nicely soft, but gets easily covered by the crisp orchestra. I think it´s worth to make some mix corrections to hear better your detailed playing.

    It´s a nice idea to work on guitar concertos this way. I´m a classical guitar player myself and you encouraged me to think up similar projects.

    Thanks for sharing,
    - Mathis

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    Re: A little more Vivaldi

    Hi everyone,

    I\'m glad you all like this piece.

    Gary, Oh gosh, will it be safe to walk the streets now that my image is on one of the worlds leading forums? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks for the plug for Jose\'s guitar. He\'s a great guy, has a wonderful family and builds a superb guitar.

    Gary, you might want to give a listen to the new mix below. I think its much better with the kind help of the other posters here.

    Yes, Gary, I did this on a Mac using DP. By the way, the new version of Panther v.10.3.3 is worth the download. There is a significant, not remarkable though, performance boost for GPO.

    Thanks Junker, yannitch, Nick, and Styxx guybrush for your suggestions. In particular, I\'d like to thank you, Mathis, for taking the time to give me such a detailed perspective on how to mix this better. The link below is a result of everyone\'s help. I rearranged the orchestra for better balance, set it back as you suggested and did some eqing. I think it’s much better. I would appreciate everyone\'s feedback about it. Engineering skills remain the weakest link in my production capabilities. I have to learn to trust my ears more. I\'ll link both old and new to compare.

    Old version Allegro

    New version Allegro

    \"Only the portamento in 20\" and in 1\'24\" (and repetitions) sound out of style.\"
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yes, my playing on this piece is a little quick and dirty, perhaps not quite in the baroque style. This little concerto like many works of Vivaldi was written more as a sketch than a rigid composition. It was assumed that musicians, especially soloists would take some liberties, particularly during the repeated sections. What you hear is a result of 40 some years of playing this piece. One gets tired of playing the same piece the same way for that long. I love to play around and have fun with this piece. I want people to get up and dance to this last movement. If my playing includes a few glisses or non-baroque treatments, so be it. I\'ll leave the music history to others. Anyway, if I were to put forth an historical treatment I\'d use a lute. Besides look what we\'re using for sidemen, one\'s and zeros. How un-baroque but how cool this is. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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