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Topic: Sibelius 3.1+ GPO Studio 1.11 = doesn't work...

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    Sibelius 3.1+ GPO Studio 1.11 = doesn\'t work...


    I\'ve been working with GPO Studio since the 1st version came out and everything was fine. Unfortunately I ignored my credo (\"Never change a running system\") and hoped that the new version would improve loading times and such...

    So I uninstalled the old version, rebootet, installed v1.11, rebootet, started GPO Studio,loaded some patches, started Sibelius, set up the midi devices and midi channels in the score, press play aaaand.... GPO remains silent.

    Meanwhile I tried really every solution I could think of:

    ) Reinstalling Studio (complete with the rebooting madness that I thought I had left behind when leaving Win98)
    ) Starting Sibelius first, then GPO Studio
    ) Starting GPO Studio first, then Sibelius
    ) Trying the Midi-Inputs Utility Tom Hopkins suggested for testing (Routing my Keyboard directely into Studio worked and sounds were played)
    ) Clicking the keys in GPO Studio\'s Kompakt players works and produces sound.
    ) Ditching Studio and trying the standalone GPO Kompakt Player (through a Maple Midi port): Works, receives midi data and plays sounds
    ) Combining Sibelius+QLSO Silver Kompakt standalone Player through Maple Midi: Works

    Meanwhile I gave up on Studio and work with the Silver Piano, which I honestly do not like as much as the GPO Steinway. But I suppose there must be a tiny error that I overlooked, something really basic and stupid because it worked perfect with the first GPO Studio version (which I deleted before installing the new one... smart move, I know...).

    Anybody got ideas how to solve this problem?


    Edit: Deep in the bowels of my harddrive I found the old GPO Studio Version (thank god for my backup-paranoia), so I removed v1.11, rebooted, installed the 1st version, rebooted, loaded Studio, loaded sounds, started Sibelius, re-setup the midi devices, loaded a score and pressed play and: Niente.... Now not even the old GPO Studio version works! Well, back to QLSO Silver, I guess... (Because their Standalone PLayer CAN save multis) [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Sibelius 3.1+ GPO Studio 1.11 = doesn\'t work...

    Sonar 3.1 and the latest version of GPO work fine together on my system. You might want to deselect the \"use Kompakt Silver default\" in Sibelius and force Sibelius to find new devices.

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    Re: Sibelius 3.1+ GPO Studio 1.11 = doesn\'t work...

    Thank you for your reply!

    I tried searching for new midi devies mutiple times (as stated in my first posting). And after trying out Sibelius\' Kontakt Silver for 5 minutes, I uninstalled that useless piece of crap (sorry for being honest) months ago.

    Meanwhile I think that something went wrong with the installation of the GPO Studio midi ports. The strange thing is that even afer installing the old version it still wont work. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Sibelius 3.1+ GPO Studio 1.11 = doesn\'t work...

    Hi Pete,
    If you could play sounds by using the midi inputs utility, then it seems that everything is ok on the GPO software set-up. You were probably very close to getting Sibelius to play again! - The utility automatically makes use of the same GPO Studio ports that you would use in Sibelius, so if you verify the utility works, there shouldn\'t be too many obstacles to getting Sibelius going.

    Probably the easiest thing will be to give me a call and we\'ll set up Sibelius. You might also read through the GPO Studio manual\'s Sibelius section if you\'re not familiar with it. I\'m sending a private message so you\'ll have the phone number, Best wishes

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