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Topic: Creative Audigy 2 - Rerecording everything?

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    Creative Audigy 2 - Rerecording everything?


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    Re: Creative Audigy 2 - Rerecording everything?

    Just a thought... Is it possible that it is making an image file of what you\'re recording? When I use Adobe Audition, it creates a .pk file for every WAV created. It has the same name as the WAV file, but with .pk at the end. Sound Forge and other programs do the same thing. Those are small files that help the image load faster when you reload the WAV file back into the program. When I first used the program, I thought the same thing when I looked in my audio folder, that all of my files were being duplicated for some reason.

    Or is it definitely a duplicate WAV file, of the same size as what you\'ve recorded and saved elsewhere? If so, then ---> [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Creative Audigy 2 - Rerecording everything?

    Hi Styxx
    The apparently Audigy related files you see are most likely temporary files that the sequencers are creating while they work, and not at all related (in any direct manner) to the soundblaster.

    Windows can associate applications with file types, and I\'ll make a guess that you installed some \"extras\" applications that came with your soundcard. One of these extras was probably a sound editor that told windows to associate any .wav files with it. So my best guess is that the many files you\'re seeing with the Audigy icons are in fact plain vanilla wav files, and not directly related to the Audigy (probably an \'extras\' application has associated itself with all wav files). Unless you\'re pressed for space on your hard drive it\'s probably best not to delete them.

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