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Topic: New Francesco Brass Ensemble Demo

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    New Francesco Brass Ensemble Demo

    Here is a new demo submitted by Francesco Marchetti.


    Francesco also sent a midi file that will be posted.

    In this piece, Francesco built a brass ensemble with 15 individual GPO brass instruments. Here\'s a list of instruments he used:

    Piccolo Trumpet NV solo, Trumpet overlay, Trumpet 1 ens 1,Trumpet 1 ens 2, Trumpet 1 ens 3; Trombone ens 1,Trombone ens 2, Trombone ens 3, Trombone overlay, French Horn 2 solo, French Horn overlay F, French Horn 2 ens 2,French Horn 2 ens 3, Tuba solo 1 and Tuba solo 2.

    The piece starts with the 1st trumpet, then 2nd, then 3rd divisi. At about 1\'.04\'\' the three trumpets go on unison. The same follows with the horns the horns: which play divisi in the first part and then go on unison at 1\'.16\'\' circa (when you hear the horns glissandi) till the end, except the final chord where they return to divisi. The higher theme in the final part is played with the piccolo trumpet. The overlay patches were also used here and there to give it that extra punch.

    Francesco named this piece \"United We Stand\" dedicated to the memory of Sept 11th and all those who perished that day.
    Dedication note: the first theme is in minor C and it means the loving memory. When the solo horn start in major F at 0\'42\'\' it represents the pride and unity that starts to grow deeper in the soul.

    Thanks Francesco for sharing this and for the testament to that tragic day. Having lost some friends at the World Trade Center that day, this means a great deal.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: New Francesco Brass Ensemble Demo

    Superb Francesco! I\'m very fond of brass band music and this is an inspiring piece, a fitting tribute and so realistically programmed to boot.

    A great showcase for the brass capabilities of GPO (and your own too, of course! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )


    PS It\'ll be great to see the MIDI file....Thanks

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    Re: New Francesco Brass Ensemble Demo

    Once again Francesco proves he\'s the master. Great stuff.

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    Re: New Francesco Brass Ensemble Demo

    I don´t like too much the trumpets. trombones and all lower brass sound more convincing. Maybe has something to do with overtone structure?... Just guessing around, since I feel similar things with lot of violins vs. lower strings.
    Where do the intonation problems in the beginning come from?
    The tutti stuff sounds very good!

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    Re: New Francesco Brass Ensemble Demo

    Originally posted by robgb:
    Once again Francesco proves he\'s the master. Great stuff.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Couldn\'t agree more! It was suggested on another thread that Gary hold a once a month contest for the best GPO demo... but it seems to me that Francesco seems to release about one or two a month, and simply wouldn\'t give the rest of us a shot in hell at the prize [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Keep up the great work Francesco!

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    Re: New Francesco Brass Ensemble Demo


    There\'s just one correction that needs to made to one of your earlier posts in which you dubbed Francesco as \"Lord of the strings\"; I think brass and orchestration needs to be included. So at present we would call it \"Lord of the strings, brass and orchestration\".

    [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Once again we are left breathless at your mastery of this Francesco and can only thank you for contributing your excellence to this forum.


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    Re: New Francesco Brass Ensemble Demo

    Really great ..


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    Re: New Francesco Brass Ensemble Demo

    Francesco is certainly doing the best work with GPO thus far...I can\'t wait for his next one!!

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    Re: New Francesco Brass Ensemble Demo

    Hi (sniff,sniff),
    thank you all. The non-well intonation of the trumpets in the first part is a wanted effect, I\'ve moved the VAR 1 knob a little just to aim a more realistic mood (I\'m still waiting for a 440hz trumpetist [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    To Alan,
    thanks for your compliments, I admire your demos and the person you are. I already have my prize...I have still life, and friends like you. I\'m wondering if we could write something toghether, maybe a universal GPO demo where everyone of us give his contribution to the orchestration. Can we think about it?

    To Dave,
    WAZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! one of the best friend of mine. Thank you, it seems like this forum work better than my e-mail!! talk soon.
    PS Dave will help me with the Tutorial (few days to release!! stay tuned)

    BEST TO ALL robgb, malte, frank, mathis, nexus and everyone who will post comments and critics.


    a good sower is nothing without a good filed
    thank you GAry!

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    Re: New Francesco Brass Ensemble Demo

    Aww I\'m not on your list!

    Well, pft - now I\'m gonna tell you how great and wonderful your musi.... wait... yes I am.

    Dude, you\'re amazing!

    You\'re so good you got the \"dude.\" So you just KNOW I\'m serious!

    - Junky

    P.S. really really really looking forward to tutorials!!!

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