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Topic: Piano Demo for GPO

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    Piano Demo for GPO

    Hi guys

    This is a piano demo I made for GPO. I\'ve made a few demos in the past week or so, and the reason is that I am real impressed with this library and would like to encourage others to try it out (and the $250 price-tag still schocks me!).


    That is the mp3 of the file. Since this is for solo piano, rather than upload the Sonar file, I uploaded the midi:


    I added a tiny bit of eq, and that was all. Other than that, this is the dry sample Steinway.

    I hope you guys enjoy it!

    - Junk

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    Re: Piano Demo for GPO

    Wow! Super solo piano piece, Paul!

    I downloaded your MIDI file and imported it into Cubase SX 2 and connected it to the GPO dry Steinway with essentially identical results to listening to your MP3.


    [So, fess up! How much tweaking did you do to the piece? Did you compose it first or play it?]

    Inquiring minds wanna know!

    cheers ... kev

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    Re: Piano Demo for GPO

    Thanks for the compliments man!

    To be honest, I wrote this piece a long time ago. It was back in the Reason days, so I actually moused everything in! It took a loooong time to get it \'realistic\' because there was no tempo track (although if you listen closely, you will notice that there are only two different \'rhythms\' in the first half of the song hehe). In Reason, however, I had my \'sustain\' controlled by simply raising the release times. At times it got messy, but it was quick (and after mousing everything in, doing things quickly became very tempting!).

    I exported the midi, imported it to Sonar, and the only things I had to adjust were the sustain pedal triggers! Relatively painless [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    So yea, I did two more solo piano pieces. One was a cover of Clair de Lune, another was an original. But they took waaaay too long, *sigh, so I just sorta.. didn\'t do anymore [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks again for the compliments, they mean very much!

    - Junkster

    P.S. I can\'t really play the piano! I\'m a guitarist [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Piano Demo for GPO

    Speaking of tricks! Cool stuff.

    Here\'s a pleasant \"mistake\" that happened with a wild appegiator: http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=296849&T=8852

    Oddly it didn\'t sound anything like this (additional string voices added later -- and all this is all on a Korg Triton Studio -- no other samples involved). Sadly, I don\'t think I could recreate it now (although I have the \"master MIDI\" someplace).

    Your piece is even more amazing from being entered \"by hand\" rather than by playing. (I play everything and tweak later.)

    great job! kev

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