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Topic: A new song called, "Theme"

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    A new song called, "Theme"

    Anyone care to comment?

    I was going for a sweet violin sound.


    I can take serious criticism.

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    Re: A new song called, "Theme"


    Sweet harmony and melody on your piece.
    I like it.
    The violin sounds well, but it needs more attack on fast passages and a bit of more editing on bends (only a matter of personal taste, obviously). Also you can augment the overall mix volume.

    Good work!


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    Re: A new song called, "Theme"

    I like the composition a lot. I think you might benefit a lot from using more subtle bends and/or more sparingly. My guess is that you\'re on the right track with it, as it will add some spice to the sound, but that you\'ll do better with less of it. Aside from this, nothing pops out as a \'could be better\', since it\'s quite good. Nice work.

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    Re: A new song called, "Theme"

    Hey Ron,
    I must say I quite like this. Certainly one of your better orchestral efforts. One thought I had was during the pitz section at the midway mark they may be struggling against the rest of the orch and you made them uncharacteristically loud to compensate. It might behoove you to lower the rest of the orch so that they sit more naturally in the mix in that section.
    I quite like the timbre and melody of the lead vio. Tragic but hopeful. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    good work Ronnie!


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    Re: A new song called, "Theme"

    that\'s alot of bend. love where the main theme comes in. really magnificent. oh, and the break down is beautiful too. sweet. really sweet. I LOVE the harp+flute part.

    I\'m not at all in the position to say this, as I\'m still experimenting, but the arrangement or its implementation could use some more work. I\'m not sure whether it\'s already in the arrangement, or the correct arrangement wasn\'t implemented optimally, but alot of the non-melody parts seem to jump around quite alot, as in, their lines sounded obrupt in many places. This could be a legato issue or simply connecting the notes where they are needed. (it sounds more of a legato issue, on 2nd listen) Also, some harmonization seemed a bit dissonant, or seemed to require resolution at certain points, cuz they started to sound like clusters. Either that, or the dissonance was too close to each other. (octave spacing seems to be the textbook answer)

    As a whole tho, the piece is nicely developed. Nice and neat structure, balanced repetition vs development. It\'s slim and efficient, no sign of extra \"fat\". And most important of all, I really like the mood you portrayed. It\'s kinda... heartwarming, and shows goodness. Dunno if it\'s technique, but I get the impression that you\'re a caring kind of person with a capacity to appreciate sweet and tender feelings. (like, being nice to your grandma) Well, maybe I\'m trying to listen too deeply. :-)

    Brings a smile on my face tho!

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    Re: A new song called, "Theme"

    A VERY beautiful piece of music. As kensuguro stated, it might need some work at the bottom end, but then again, I\'m not much of an expert [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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