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Topic: Tiny annoyance: GPO Outputs default to #1 in Cubase

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    Tiny annoyance: GPO Outputs default to #1 in Cubase

    Hi there!

    Meanwhile I have created about 10 pieces of music with GPO in combintion with Sibelius and Cubase SX. Since they were all different in regard to the required ensembles I have been spending much time building the orchestra for each piece.

    Well, after clicking about 500 times per piece to get it set up, I found out that I dislike one \"feature\" of the GPO kompakt player Vsti plugin: The output of each MIDI-channel defaults to #1. I like to have each instrument on a separate channel for easier mixing.

    Would it be possible to change this behavior in the next update (or make an option for the user to decide?). Or should I just set up the channels and save the settings in a .fxp file?


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    Re: Tiny annoyance: GPO Outputs default to #1 in Cubase

    Hi Peter,
    You can change the output for any instrument in the GPO player by going to the large box that shows the instrument name (among other things). In the lower right hand corner of the box you\'ll see a wide four pronged \'fork\' icon with \"1 / 2\" next to it (by default). The 1/2 means the output is going to output 1 and 2, left and rigt stereo channels presumably. You can change it to 3/4, or 5/6, or 7/8, etc. I tested setting and saving the GPO VSTi with a non-default output and default output for different instruments and the settings were preserved for me properly when I later loaded the saved file. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Tiny annoyance: GPO Outputs default to #1 in Cubase

    Hello Jeff! Thanks for your quick reply!

    Yes, I know that I can reroute the outputs of the GPO-VSTi and I just wanted to save myself the about 100 clicks to do it with every new piece. I\'ll just go with the solution you suggested. Thanks!

    By the way: Did you get my pm about the Sibelius problems?


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