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Topic: GPO os x stuck keys and drop outs

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    GPO os x stuck keys and drop outs

    Looks like I\'m having similar problems to other OS-X users here with sticking notes in GPO - as requested I\'ve emailed Garry with all my details.

    I\'d be interested to know if any other Mac users have experienced note drop-outs as well as sticking. GPO also behaves the same way in the full version of Kontakt.

    At the mo I\'m working around it by running GPO through V-Stack on my PC, remote controlling it through my mac-connected MIDI keyboard and SPDIF-ing the audio back into my Firewire410 on the Mac.

    And I susect that my ancient Moog footswitch can only pretend to be a sustain pedal for so long...


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    Re: GPO os x stuck keys and drop outs

    I\'ve experienced the same with Home Studio 2004Xl and Cubasis. In 2004, there is a panic button in the tool bar that so far has worked every time. In Cubasis, the only way I have been able to \"turn\" the notes \"off\" is to literally shut down then restart my controller. (Not the software) And again, so far this has worked without damaging my work. One explanation was given by an IT exert who claims we may be giving and \"overlap\" of commands causing a conflict as to whether the note should be off or on. Hmmm.

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