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Topic: Help!!! GPO corruption!!!

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    Help!!! GPO corruption!!!

    Recently I\'ve been doing a lot of stuff with GPO and I\'m really having a good time working with it. But last night I had to work on some pop tracks and it came time to pull my B4 out to play some organ. I was shocked, I couldn\'t play it anymore! In the B4 the Mod wheel controls the rotor, and my volume pedal controls volume. But I keep trying to control volume with my mod wheel like I do in GPO, and my foot doesn\'t really know what it\'s doing. The result is a very choppy un-cool organ part. Is there a drug to clear this from my mind? I prefer some herb as I\'m trying to be a bit healthier these days [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Help!!! GPO corruption!!!

    Very cool J!

    Perhaps Gary and Tom should patent their programming and the liscense it out to other lib developers so all libs can function with the ease of GPO...

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    Re: Help!!! GPO corruption!!!

    lol! I use a knob to control CC#1, and I find myself reaching for the knob for all other instruments also! Especially pad instruments!

    It\'s kind of like owning a korg triton, and trying to touch the screen even when using other synths. If ya get what I mean.

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    Re: Help!!! GPO corruption!!!

    Actually Alan, I\'ve been digging into Tom\'s programming and I\'m going to steal all his ideas!!! That\'s the problem with the \"edit\" button in Kontakt!!


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