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Topic: Posting Demos of Copyrighted Material?

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    Posting Demos of Copyrighted Material?

    I am music director for a production of \"Chess,\" and due to space limitations, we were unable to hire an orchestra of the required magnitude. I recorded backing tracks with GPO as my primary tool.

    I\'m rather proud of these tracks, and would like to post some, but I want to make sure I\'m not breaking any laws...

    Also, where can I post them? Is there a central place to upload them, or should I just put them on a personal website and link you guys to them?


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    Re: Posting Demos of Copyrighted Material?

    Hi Chris,

    By all means post your work. If you have a website just place the link from your piece into a post. Don\'t be shy. We all love to hear what is done with GPO. It might be a good idea to start a new thread with it rather than using this one. Looking forward to hearing it.

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    Re: Posting Demos of Copyrighted Material?

    Cool! I am a musical director as well. I\'ve used midi and other sources for many a show in the past but never had GPO till as recent as last week.Post them! I would love to hear them.

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    Re: Posting Demos of Copyrighted Material?

    My main concern is copyright law... Is it permissable to post an MP3 created from someone else\'s score?

    I\'ve seen people post mockups of film scores, but I\'m wary about the legality of it all...


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    Re: Posting Demos of Copyrighted Material?

    Originally posted by Lee Blaske:
    That may be true, but if they sue you, are your pockets deep enough to protect yourself?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Most copyright holders are smart enough to know whether your publication infringes on the commercial value of your work. Plus, precendent says that a cease and decist is the first step, at which point you can simply remove the work and you\'re done.

    If you want to be paranoid, then by all means avoid the situation altogether, but I think that there\'s more risk in doing a 20 minute piece \"in the spirit of\" another copyrighted work under your own self-attribution than taking one minutes of someone else\'s work and publishing it with full disclosure of the source.

    Besides, there\'s always compulsory licensing. There\'s more than one way to do it and avert risk.

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    Re: Posting Demos of Copyrighted Material?

    Better to get permission, and to know that you\'re 100% cleared to use the material, in writing, before you ever consider using it, even if the intention falls under fair use. Then, you are completely risk-free. Asking is always, always, always, ALWAYS the right thing to do.

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    Re: Posting Demos of Copyrighted Material?


    It is better to err on the side of caution. Let\'s find out who can grant permission and write to them. In many cases if you ask to post an excerpt, give credit and a link, they\'ll grant permission.

    If you want, I\'ll do my best to help you with this. Email or call me and we\'ll try to remove all uncertainty.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Posting Demos of Copyrighted Material?

    Originally posted by CallMeZoot:
    My main concern is copyright law...Is it permissable to post an MP3 created from someone else\'s score?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Chris,

    I think you should be concerned, and I would advise you not to post. I think you\'ve basically done an arrangement of another composer\'s score and unless you\'ve gotten permission from the copyright holder, posting it would be unwise.

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    Re: Posting Demos of Copyrighted Material?

    As long as attribution to the original work is made, along with a corresponding disclaimer as to the intent of the example and it\'s auspices under the fair use clause, it should not be a problem.

    I spoke to a music attorney about these kinds of things, and he said that it should not be a concern as long as folks were not claiming the copyrighted work as their own or present a substantial portion of the work that would potentially constitute harm to the commercial distribution of the work.

    If anything, it should broaden the horizons of some of the folks here and might spur them on to select and purchase a few good performances of each piece under scrutiny, and consitute an additional sales opportunity for the perforumances mentioned.

    In the very least, the posters of the demos can name the scores and performances they used as a baseline, and everyone can have the option of going to the local music or CD store and checking it out for themselves.

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    Re: Posting Demos of Copyrighted Material?

    I think a good case in point on this, is the thread I started submitting my work I did on a MIDI file of The Eagles\' Hotel California.

    I included in the thread that it was copywritten (probably wrong term) by Elektra Entertainment. The record company that owns the album. And since I\'m not at all trying to claim the song as mine, nor make any kind of money or use it in any type of production. I don\'t see where it\'s really infringing upon them. It was purely something I did for my own amusement. I did only include a link to a demo of the mp3 I made as per Gary\'s request, just in case [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] It was basicly the part that I and Gary felt was the piece de resistance (or however you spell that).

    M. Freywald

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