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Topic: Recorder and whistles

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    Recorder and whistles

    I would like to see some celtic and baroque instruments added to GPO such as recorder and various whistles.
    In the mean time, does anyone know where I might find some free recorder samples or soundfonts?

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    Re: Recorder and whistles


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    Re: Recorder and whistles

    totally agree! :-)

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    Re: Recorder and whistles

    Hi Gromit,

    In the mean time, does anyone know where I might find some free recorder samples or soundfonts?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I have not found free soundfonts of these types of instruments. You can however buy a reletively cheap sample library, called \"Early Patches\" which contains numerous medieval instruments, including lots of recorders.

    I have bought the soundfont version a few years ago, which is the cheapest version. You can import the soundfonts without problem in GigaStudio.

    For detailed information (and lots of sound demos), you can go to the site of the library developer:


    The site of Best Service has less information, but contains reviews about this library from various music magazines.

    http://www.bestservice.de/detail.asp?uid=28576a212p67p163p236&lng=3&area=2&g roup=5&typ=4&idx=548&flg=grp


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    Re: Recorder and whistles

    I\'m afraid there are no good recorder soundfonts out there (at least i have found none)
    Anyway, if you feel like searching here\'s a list of free resources in the web (samples, plugins, impulses, scores...) which I maintain in a spanish game developers forum
    http://www.stratos-ad.com/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=13&t=2136&s=24ec9679578971666a5 17df6f19f7b7f&st=3

    To substitute the recorder I use my old Hohner flute from my school days. I think it works quite well

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