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Topic: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year my dear Garritan friends

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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year my dear Garritan friends

    Wishing everyone within range of this post a wonderful, meaningful holiday season. Let's fill 2015 with creation!

    My life is very different now, and not being here at the Forum has been one of the adjustments I unfortunately needed to make.

    For over a year, my full time occupation has been developing and then producing the first production of my play about Boris Karloff. That first showcase of the show was a huge success. Now I'm determined to expand the reach of the play in 2015, getting it into the hands of people who can take it to the next level and beyond. Progress of the show can be followed on Facebook, where I've maintained a page for "KARLOFF" for much of this past year.

    "KARLOFF-The Play" on Facebook

    In keeping with the season, here's a moment from the show which captures its central them. Boris re-lives the moment in "Frankenstein" when the creature sees light for the first time and tries to grasp it. Karloff's journey of self realization was on the actor's path, but we're all on our own journeys to enlightenment - reaching beyond ourselves for greater understanding and connection with the universe.

    Happy Holidays - Have a new year full of rich fulfillment as you express yourself in music, in laughter, in fellowship, in communion with life and what lies beyond it.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year my dear Garritan friends

    Nice to hear from you again. I'm glad all is going well for you despite how hectic it has been. Best to you in the coming year!
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    Re: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year my dear Garritan friends

    Good to hear from you Randy and congratulations on your "hit" show about Karloff.

    If you don't reach Broadway, I will be pissed......

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    Re: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year my dear Garritan friends

    Congratulations on your success Rand!

    A successful playwright and jack of all trades sounds good to me.

    I hope you ride this wave for a long time with many more to come.


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