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Topic: 2 great new pieces to show off GPO

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    2 great new pieces to show off GPO


    When I\'m not working I still create cues for that little film project I mentioned. Meanwhile I started mixing and eq-ing the stuff better and it doesn\'t sound like crap anymore. However Ambience is still a riddle for me: I simply can\'t get the reverb out of it that I want to hear. But after downloading SIR and some great impusles that problem was solved!

    So here I present 2 pieces that I\'m proud of.

    \"M02 - Bad guys\" features some heavy brass (the Tuba Overlay is GREAT!) while the bad guys go on with their buisness of launching nuclear missiles on unsuspecting Americans. The choir is (of course EWQLSO Silver) but sounds a bit better because I handled it properly. For this piece all strings have been left out.

    \"M04 - Dialogue scene\" is just that: A bit of underscore, featuring a smaller ensemble.

    Does anybody else hear those frequent clicks and pops? Right now I don\'t know if it is me or if something goes wrong while rendering the cues...

    Any comments are appreciated, as usual. And no, I haven\'t forgotten about the midi files! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: 2 great new pieces to show off GPO

    hey pete ,
    nice cues man.
    that\'s all I got.


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