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Topic: GPO String Quartet Demo

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    GPO String Quartet Demo


    Here\'s another offering, my second after \"Giliw Ko\":


    This is on the \'unmelodic\' side this time, [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] , focusing on the intimacy of the pizzicato sounds of GPO.

    I used solo instruments, both sustains and pizzicato articulations. I did not pump up the volume since this is just a string quartet. Oh, by the way, I also put in some GOS ambient noises. Hope it works!

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    Re: GPO String Quartet Demo

    Very Kronos Quartet! EXCELLENT!

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    Re: GPO String Quartet Demo

    Very nice indeed!

    Can we see a MIDI file?

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    Re: GPO String Quartet Demo

    I can see the serial killer driving down the street, checking out passersby, looking for his latest victim....

    Or perhaps Janet Leigh driving a long stretch of lonely highway after stealing thousands of dollars from her boss.

    Or the hero trapped on a catwalk as the killer closes in on him.

    Very visual stuff...

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    Re: GPO String Quartet Demo

    Nick this is awesome. You really pumped some realism into those solo strings. I would like to see a midi file and instrumentation list. Thanks so much for posting this.

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    Re: GPO String Quartet Demo


    This work is excellent and pushes the envelope. It is an extremely interesting composition and quite a change from Giliw Ko.

    It\'s usually standard to hear string quartets playing peaceful serenading music with their strings and this is certainly experimenting outside the norm. Would love to hear this performed by the Kronos Quartet.

    Thanks for posting this and hope you don\'t mind if this finds its way on the GPO website.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO String Quartet Demo

    I love this music. The rhythm is so vivid that I feel the music is moving forward very strongly. Splendid.

    Thank you for your sharing your music.


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    Re: GPO String Quartet Demo

    I\'ll have to with eveyone else. This is really nice.

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    Re: GPO String Quartet Demo


    Excellent and inspiring! I agree, this piece should be recorded and/or performed.


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    Re: GPO String Quartet Demo

    Thank you for the comments, guys! Composing this wasn\'t as difficult as it sounds. Editing, though, took a bit more time as I had to redraw a lot of cc#1 controller values to get what I wanted with the sustain patches. I had to shorten a lot of pizzicato values too in order to simulate the sound of \'jumping trough the strings\'. Imagining how real players would play this helped a lot.

    I used the GPO Kompakt player this time. Four instruments playing two articulations each filled up one Kompakt instance.

    Gary, again it would be my honor to have this at your site! Thank you!

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