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Topic: Using GPO with full Kontakt -- sound problems

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    Using GPO with full Kontakt -- sound problems

    Okay, I hope I didn\'t make a terrible mistake here -- I bought the full version of Kontakt in the hopes I could use GPO without memory limitations.

    While I can\'t see any particular way to specify whether it plays from disk or in memory, at the moment this issue is the furthest thing from my mind -- I loaded in an instrument and it sounds terrible. Not even close to the way it sounds in the default player.

    I read the entire manual but it appears to be written for version 1.0 -- and doesn\'t really cover anything that I can see to get a GPO instrument up to speed. I\'m hoping some of you who\'ve done this (there\'s at least ONE of you out there) will be able to point me to where I\'m going wrong.

    TIA for any help.

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    Re: Using GPO with full Kontakt -- sound problems

    Ahghhgh!! It\'s worse than I can possibly imagine.

    Installing the version version has screwed up even the player that comes with GPO. Basically, the symptom is that fast playing (and with me, it ain\'t all that fast :>) results in an absolutely atrocious keyboard \"slide\" where it starts at one note and slides up to the next, almost as if I were using pitch bend to move to one note to the next (great for funny sounding trombone notes, not so good for anything else).

    Yipes -- just what could installing the full version of Kontakt have done to cripple the \"regular\" player? I am seriously depressed.

    (Using Sonar 3.0, nothing else has changed since I installed Kontakt).

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    Re: Using GPO with full Kontakt -- sound problems

    Mike, Don\'t be depressed. I\'m a Mac guy, and I don\'t use the full version of Kontakt, so I can\'t be of much help to you, but this is a great board, and I can guarantee that before long someone will help you. The support here is awesome. Just hang in there. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Using GPO with full Kontakt -- sound problems

    Thanks for the kind words, Karl.

    Gary was actually terrific help (and such a nice guy): he suggested I download the DFD plugin and the latest version of Kontakt (I had 1.5 but now I have 1.52).

    Anyway, all is well -- now I plan on spending the weekend really loading up the samples.

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    Re: Using GPO with full Kontakt -- sound problems

    Mmm...this is odd behaviour from Kontakt. I am still using 1.2 and I use the older version of DFD and have never experienced any interaction with GPO, though of course I can\'t load them into Kontakt 1.2.

    This might be a SONAR issue, as I am using 2.2XL not ver 3.

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