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Topic: Another ModWheel problem

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    Another ModWheel problem

    I have a Yamaha Clavinova CLP-150 that I use as a MIDI instrument. It is primarily an excellent digital piano. The problem is that it doesn\'t have a mod wheel or a pitch wheel. What can I do to get around this problem? It has three pedals and I was trying to figure out a way of letting two of the pedals send the mod wheel info to the PC, one for increasing the level and the other for decresc, but I just don\'t have the knowledge to do this. Does anyone have any ideas? Can this be done?

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    Re: Another ModWheel problem

    Lois D,

    If you use Sonar or Cubase, you\'re in luck. Dan H. and Markleford Friedman wrote plug-ins that may allow you to reassign CC#1 data to one of the pedals. If you use another sequencer, perhaps we can find another solution.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Another ModWheel problem

    Unfortunately I don\'t have any of the programmes you mention. Since this sequencing thing is all new to me, I only have Cubasis which came with GPO. Can I use this in Cubasis? If so, how do I get it to work with those to pedals?

    Thanks for your quick replies and concern.

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    Re: Another ModWheel problem


    If Cubasis can run MFX plugins (I\'m totally clueless on this), then you can get TenCrazy.com MFX PortDiag from my site to determine which of your controllers send out what kinds of information. For example, perhaps your volume knob/slider sends out CC#7 (MIDI Volume) information that we could map to Mod/CC#1

    After we know that, then we\'ll figure out some options!

    - m

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    Re: Another ModWheel problem


    When you get GPO (hey, I feel in a very small way I had something to do with this :>) you can check it out yourself, since it comes with Cubasis (and another excellent reason for Gary getting you his product for a symbiotic relationship).

    Now if I can just figure out some way to get Gary to give me the Big Band add on... <bg> (Actually, I\'m so anxious for it I really don\'t care what it costs, but I want it now.

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