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Topic: GPO; Newbie Questions Regarding...

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    GPO; Newbie Questions Regarding...

    Greetings, folks!

    I just purchased GPO. Fast shipping time, too...wow! I have a few newbie questions, mostly having to do with workflow.

    I love the software. Good sounds, nice control features. The only thing I would wish for is to have a short \"getting started\" section or a couple of \"how to set up/how to record\" tutorials, even just printed in the book or on a separate sheet.

    In fact, I\'m quite sure that tutorial resources would have allowed me to proceed without having to sign up here and post my questions.

    1) I\'m not expecting anybody here to fix this one, because it has to do with NI\'s website. But I thought I\'d post this just for grins and giggles.

    I ran into a snag registering the NI player. I got a message from their website saying that I entered something wrong. I forget now exactly what it was, but I remember it was something silly like my purchase place (website) or my state of residence (Florida, USA). I sent a message to NI\'s tech support, and I later received an automated email with a link to check on the status of my problem. The link goes to the NI website, where I can....send a message to NI\'s tech support!

    Anybody else have this happen? I\'m figuring it\'s a couple of transient website glitches. I plan to retry the registration process in a day or two.

    2) When loading the instruments/presets into the GPO Kontakt player, I see that each instrument has its own MIDI track/channel number. These invariably clash with the other MIDI channels I have already selected for the other tracks in my Cubase SX sequencer. As a result, I sometimes end up with a synth and a cello struggling to play the same pitches. It\'s minor, but it happens a lot. And then I have to fiddle with my track settings. I only like fiddling on my fiddle, not my software.

    So what do you folks do to manage your MIDI channels when recording GPO alongside of other VSTi\'s? Do you have a procedure or routine that works well for you?

    3) This is related to #2 above: When recording in Cubase or another sequencer, do you typically run a GPO Kontakt player for each instrument (for simplicity) or do you build up to 8 instruments at a time?

    4) What does \"Omni\" mean? I can\'t find any reference to this in the GPO guide. By the way, I like the guide. It\'s laid out nicely.

    Okay, well...thanks in advance!

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    Re: GPO; Newbie Questions Regarding...

    Originally posted by pearcebh:
    ... I have a few newbie questions, mostly having to do with workflow.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I can help a little bit...

    \"Omni\" means that you\'ll play midi data on any channel. The other options are single specific channels. For example, if you select channel 1, you won\'t play midi data sent on channel 4 (or any channel other than 1), but if you select \"omni\" you\'ll play midi data sent on channel 4 (and every other channel, too).

    Good Internet technical support is sometimes difficult to obtain, except here from Garritan. Give them a call for technical issues that have got your workflow stopped.

    I load 8 different instruments per Kontakt Player, which is the maximum number of slots available per Kontakt Player. You can set each instrument to a different channel if you hear that multiple instruments are playing midi data sent on a single channel (and you don\'t particularly need that).

    Sometimes you want more than one instrumet playing on the same channel. For example, you may want DBL BASS ENS1 and DBL BASS ENS2 both playing the midi data sent on channel 1, but you want TUBA 1 SOLO playing on channel 2. So you load DBL BASS ENS1 in slot 1, set channel to \"1\", load DBL BASS ENS2 in slot 2, set channel to \"1\", and then load TUBA 1 SOLO in slot 3, set channel to \"2\". Essentially you have 2 low parts (2 channels), but you are using 3 different instruments (3 slots in the Kontakt Player).

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    Re: GPO; Newbie Questions Regarding...

    Adam, thanks for the clarifications. That\'s helpful. Yeah, the user guide says pretty much the same thing, but in a different way.

    I haven\'t tried to register again (yet), but I will, maybe tomorrow.

    Followup questions to come...but in the meantime, thanks again!

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