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Topic: Dumb Computer Annoyance

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    Dumb Computer Annoyance

    Got my GPO: it\'s a wonderful tool. A little annoying snag:

    I installed GPO to drive F:.

    In the GPO Studio application, trying to load the preset setups seems to default to C:

    The search pop-up does not allow for a manual redirection of the path (greyed out).

    Auto-search takes forever (it starts at C: and has to get to F.

    There\'s no way to make the app remember the path to the presets once found, unless saved as a new setup.

    Went to www.garritan.com to look for an update. There\'s no mention of what version number the GPO studio available is.

    I uninstall GPO studio just in case; Install the \"new\" version but it\'s the same one, so no fix.

    Looked in the registry for a path it might be using... no go.

    Another dumb computer annoyance.

    TIA for any help


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    Re: Dumb Computer Annoyance

    As of right now, there is no way around the Auto-Find thing unless you reinstall the GPO lib to the C: drive.

    Because GPO doesn\'t stream, putting this on the C: drive won\'t deminish your polyphony or anything like that.

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    Re: Dumb Computer Annoyance

    What sequencer are you using? My GPO samples are installed on my F drive, seems to load fine. Although I use GPO DXi, maybe it\'s a VST thing. I recall, one time, trying to open a file using GPO VST and it had to search the entire C drive (THEN the F) for EACH vst.


    - Junk

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    Re: Dumb Computer Annoyance

    I\'m using VST, samples on my E: drive, prgram on C: and no problems at all.

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    Re: Dumb Computer Annoyance

    Hi Undertone
    There is a bug in the current NI Kontakt player that causes this problem with GPO Studio to happen if you install your library to a drietory other than C:\\Program Files. I won\'t go into detail about the nature of the bug, but you can find more if you are interested by looking through recent posts, a few of which have been involving this problem. You can work around it for the moment by uninstalling the GPO library and reinstalling it to the default directory which is C:\\Program Files...
    Reinstalling is a pain and takes a while, but I wanted to suggest it since it will work around the problem. You can also go through the auto-find dialogs (which takes a long time too) and then after all the samples are loaded, save the GPO Studio session. You will then be able to use the saved file in place of the template and it will procide the exact same instruments as the template would have provided.

    We\'re hoping very much to see this bug fixed in the next update to the NI GPO Kontakt player. In the meantime you can try some of the work-arounds if they seem helpful.

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    Re: Dumb Computer Annoyance

    Thanks to all for the replies.

    I\'ll see it when I reinstall, but I assume from some of the responses that it\'s possible to install the samples on a different drive than the programs? Or maybe the people installing samples on a separate drive are not using the presets the GPO Studio menu. I was installing to F: for space reasons, not speed reasons.

    And a side-note to Gary, if he\'s reading this: please ask your customers which version of GPO they want when they order: DVD or CDROM. I would have preferred the former.



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