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Topic: GPO with Synth Guitar ?

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    GPO with Synth Guitar ?

    Hi there GPO family!!!

    This is my first post but I\'ve been reading you guys for a while, cool forum [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] I learned a lot about GPO here and I\'m very much interested in it.

    My question: Anybody using GPO sounds with a synth guitar out there?

    If so, I would like to know if it\'s possible to play these sounds with a synth guitar interface that has an expression pedal (as modulation wheel) and sustain pedal.

    I would like to use these sounds live onstage with my synth guitar, can that be done with GPO?


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    Re: GPO with Synth Guitar ?

    I have not tried GPO with guitar though my guess is that GPO would work fine for slow chords and single note lines, but you would have trouble with fast arpeggios and fast chord changes.

    The sounds in GPO do not have as much attack as the sounds that a standard synth guitar would have, even at that GPO might work okay for you. Only one way to find out [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    You could be the first to try it.

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    Re: GPO with Synth Guitar ?

    Hi NDEE,

    Even though for most of the time I use either a keyboard or a score editor,
    I have used synth guitar {Roland GR30, bypass sounds and used as a midi interface} to input slower chordal passages and it works quite well.

    The main stumbling block is that some notes are unattainable due to them being above and below the range of the guitar.
    I think this also occurs when entering percussion too as some of the cymbles are mapped above the range of a standard guitar tuning.

    Give it a try. At least you could enter the bulk of notes before you had to resort to any manual editing.

    Oh yeah, I also have a behringer FB1010 midi floor pedal unit. It has two expression pedals to which you can assign midi cc\'s. I use it to control dynamics as I play.



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    Re: GPO with Synth Guitar ?

    i use a godin guitar through a roland gi-20 but i haven\'t been able to get results that are that good. for slower passages it\'s not bad, for faster passages i generally have to edit the midi data in a sequencer.
    i am thinking myself about buying a roland ev-5 or -7 pedal to use instead of the mod wheel.
    for the notes that are beyond the guitar range i just tune the gi-20 up an octave or two. it works reasonably well for me but i don\'t think i\'d advise anyone to try it live. possibly the axxon interface might be fast enough.

    mick ó c

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    Re: GPO with Synth Guitar ?

    All the obstacles mentioned here are more in regard to MIDI-Guitar-Synth well known problems, tracking etc, than GPO itself.
    So, using GPO with Guitar Synth should be the same as using any other soft synth. You have to tweak your setup to get best tracking possible and live with it until next \'Zero latency, Zero tracking-pitch problems\' generation of Gutar Synths arrive.
    Maybe at MusicMesse next week :-)

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